2022年01月26日 (水) 14:00 ~ 15:00


残り3席 / 全3席 終了

学部1年, 学部2年, 学部3年, 学部4年, 修士1年, 修士2年


英語でキャリアを語ろう!【International students are welcomed!】
■ Profile
#Japanese HR personel
#Specialized in overseas recruitment
#TOEIC満点、IELTS Overall score 8

■ What we can talk about (日本語でも英語でもOK)
#Japanese job hunting culture
#How to find a job in Japan
#Difficulties you find with Japanese job hunting

■ Recommended for :
・International students who are considering working in Japan

■ What we do at 構造計画研究所 (Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.)
・We are a Professional Design & Engineering Firm consisting of engineering professionals who provide knowledge and know-how based on scientific evidence and findings.
・Main business field: Construction & disaster Preparedness, Manufacturing, Decision-making support, Information & telecommunication (90% of our business in based in Japan and Japanese language)
・We solve a wide breadth of social issues and contribute to the promotion of "social construction and institutional design for the next generation as a design and engineering firm that bridges academia and the industrial world.